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Aikawa Akane's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Aikawa Akane

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[09 Sep 2001|09:05pm]
I've also got a new screen name. :B So I don't get bugged.
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[09 Sep 2001|08:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Say bye-bye to this LJ! I'm making a new one.. I'll inform all my FRIENDS of my new one. n.n

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Hmm.. [08 Sep 2001|10:57pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm just bored.. and as happy as can be! OMG.. You could even say that I've never been better! It's so great! Even when Trish is treatening me like an idiot, I feel wonderful and I laugh!

I'm just sporting off my new icon. It's AIKAWA AKANE from the Mahou Tsukai Tai MANGA! She's so different and so cute in the manga! Of course, she's cute in the Anime too!

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Funny as hell.. [08 Sep 2001|10:27pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Trish thinks she's going to ruin me. I laugh at the thought. She's so God damn funny. She put that PAR - People Against Rissa thing in her profile like it was going to hurt my feelings. But.. it didn't! It's so completely stupid. I mean.. it looks so immature just sitting there in her little profile. Lol.. I didn't know she was capable of such stupidity.

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[07 Sep 2001|10:26pm]

Then she said something that I couldn't believe
So I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy ass weeve
She started talkin' shit and wouldn't you know
I reached back like a pimp and I slapped that hoe.

Bitch.. I thought you understood me.

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Long.. [07 Sep 2001|05:54pm]
[ mood | blank ]

This is going to be a long entry. But it is so important that you read it all. I hope our friendship isn't ruined..

Trish, this whole things has gotten me down. I want to settle it once and for all. Okay? I love Ryan, and I think I've always loved him. I also believe that I always will. Words just can not express the way that I feel about him. I just know that he always makes me feel happy. I know that I can always count on him because he has always been there for me when things go wrong. We also have so much in common, except for Wrestling. I'd basically die for him, and I also believe that he would do the same for me. I know he loves me, because he tells me alot.. and he's been telling me for almost a year now. I trust him completely. I'd rest my life in his hands.

You and I.. I feel as if we're sinking.. and fast. I mean, it doesn't even feel like we're really that much of friends anymore. It seems as if we're growing farther apart. It just hasn't been the ame since we've broken up. I didn't want it to be this way. I didn't. I even cried when I read your e-mail that night. I don't know.. I guess my emotions are playing tug of war with my heart.

When Ashlei IMed me and said she had the same problem as me once, I thought she IMed me to try and comfort me and to help us work things out between you and I. But when she said one of them lied to her and never really loved her, it kind of sounded like she was trying to lay that scene down on Ryan. It kind of upset me.

Ryan's a wonderful person, and so are you. I just need to figure out what my heart wants. Although I think my heart as already decided for itself..

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Fuck! Fuck! e.e [06 Sep 2001|05:13pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

My step-dad gave me a fucking time limit for the computer every day. From 5:00pm to 7:00pm. What if I'm doing something during that time?! I don't get to go on the computer that day!? Ugh.. He's getting worse with this fucking computer. First he said I couldn't get on until 5:00 and now he said I also have to get off at 7:00! What's that man's major malfunction!? Things like this piss me offand make my day a whole fucking lot worse. God forbid I get a damn break!

I need to get away from the world.

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[06 Sep 2001|10:46am]
[ mood | discontent ]

I never made it as a poor man stealing

I've been wrong, I've been down to the bottom of the very bottom

Life sucks.. dammit. -_-

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I don't know. -.- [06 Sep 2001|09:13am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I didn't go to school today. I slept until 7:00 and I didn't get to my bus stop in time. It left without me, dammit! My mom got pissed at me. She's like "You have to stay home and you're not even sick! It's because you were too God damn lazy to get up out of bed! I want this whole damn house cleaned by the time I get home or you're going to be in big time trouble!" Yeah Yeah.. whatever. She can go screw off. It's not like I wanted to stay home today! I have some big ol' physical test in Physical Fitness class today, dammit! Oh.. yeah my schedule's screwed.

I got into some Gifted World History program and now I go to the main high school campus for sixth period. I feel like a real freshman now.. Great. -.-

Oh.. here's my schedule.. ::Growl::

1. Biology 1 Honors - Mr. Gray ( Gay teacher.. -.- )
2. Physical Fitness - Coach Pauldine ( Annoying jokes! e.e )
3. English Honors - Mrs. Newman ( No comment! e.e )
4. Spanish 1 - Sra Guyton ( Favorite class and teacher! :D )
5. Algebra 1 Honors - Mr. Kokin ( e.e Math sucks. )
6. World History Gifted - Mrs. Swartz

Dammit, now everyone leave me alone. >O

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Something.. [05 Sep 2001|07:40pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Well.. Trish said she wants to get back with me. I don't know.. I kind of feel like it's just not the same. Like something's missing from it.. I've so very depressed lately and I really don't know what to do.

I mean, I love Ryan. I've always loved him.. and I don't think I'll ever stop loving him. But, I love Trish, too. Is it in the same way? Am I in love just like I'm in love with Ryan? I mean.. I cry for Ryan. I know I'd even die for him. We have something special between the two of us.

Do Trish and I have that something special too..?

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[05 Sep 2001|05:37pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Ugh.. I can't talk to Trish in the same way..

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WAL-MART RPG [04 Sep 2001|07:01pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Here's the log.. xD

Chibi Rissa: ::Dives behind the woodshop aisle and crawls out on the floor with some silly looking woodshop goggles.. laughing maniacally:: I'LL PUT AN END TO THIS WAL-MART CHAIN!
Chibi Rissa: ::Has her goggles on to protect her eyes.. Slaps a can off the shelf.. and laughs like she just ruined something expensive:: ItsChrisDude: my names forest, forest gump
Bubbles7435645: hello welcome to walmart
ItsChrisDude: you can call me forest gump
Chibi Rissa: ::Runs to the control room and plays with the speakers, making loud squeaky noises::
ItsChrisDude: hello
ItsChrisDude: no!
ItsChrisDude: ::covers ears::
Bubbles7435645: ::laughs::
Chibi Rissa: ::Then blasts ear splititng music, laughs::
ItsChrisDude: ok gtg bye
Zirconeon: -Shrug-xD
Bubbles7435645: squeaky noises make me brub
Chibi Rissa: ::Then gives up and plays some Nirvana:: :D!!
Bubbles7435645: brup*
Bubbles7435645: burp*
Bubbles7435645: ha
Bubbles7435645: i got it
OnlineHost: XTwyliteBladeX has entered the room.
OnlineHost: ItsChrisDude has left the room.
OnlineHost: Jewelsnowflake has entered the room.
Chibi Rissa: Ha! o.o
OnlineHost: Metalhead6000000 has left the room.
Zirconeon: -Grabs a pan and beats and old guy to death-xD
Bubbles7435645: welcome to walmart
Chibi Rissa: ::Slaps another can off the shelf:: xD!!!
XTwyliteBladeX: ::walks in the door of walmart::
XTwyliteBladeX: COOL!
XTwyliteBladeX: Can i help?!
Chibi Rissa: ::Adjusts her geeky goggles and grins:: I am the leader of K-Mart!!
Zirconeon: xD
Jewelsnowflake: ::a little girl enters the store in need of new clothes x.x::
Bubbles7435645: ::grons in frustraiton:: NO I MEAN WE DONT
Chibi Rissa: >.>; LOL..
XTwyliteBladeX: ::takes out some daggers and killes the leader of K mart::
Bubbles7435645: NO BEAT OLD GUYS
Chibi Rissa: ::Tosses some geeky goggles at Bubbles:: SHUT UP WHILE YOU'RE SHUTTING UP! O.O
XTwyliteBladeX: Ok
Bubbles7435645: OKAY KMART IS FINE
OnlineHost: XTwyliteBladeX has left the room.
Bubbles7435645: no i wont
Zirconeon: -Breaks a glass case and takes out the gameboi advance-OoOoOoO *-*
Chibi Rissa: LOL..
Jewelsnowflake: ...i am blow job girl dose dat help?
Bubbles7435645: ::plops to floor:: woah i got to many terroists!
Chibi Rissa: K-mart.. ;.; I HAVE NO ONE ON MY SIDE.
Zirconeon: K-Mart rules!-Skips over to Rissa-:D
Bubbles7435645: ::stands up :: well i got some thing for you all!
Zirconeon: -Buts onb the geeky glasses-:B.....
Chibi Rissa: :D Yay!!
Chibi Rissa: ::Hands her a K-mart tag:: >.>
Bubbles7435645: ::stands on an aisle and holds out lit lighter::
Zirconeon: -Takes it-o__o;
Chibi Rissa: ::Pulls out some kerosene and tosses it at Bubbles:: xD!!
Chibi Rissa: ::Laughs with a psychotic twist::
Bubbles7435645: ::throws lighter!::
Jewelsnowflake: ::tiptoes out::
OnlineHost: Jewelsnowflake has left the room.
Bubbles7435645: ::arms on fire:::
Bubbles7435645: ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Bubbles7435645: ::pats it out::
Zirconeon: Dai bish e.e;
Bubbles7435645: whew
Chibi Rissa: ;.; My kerosense didn't work. ;.;
Zirconeon: -Throws gasoline and a match-Fweeeee B
Zirconeon: *:B
Zirconeon: X.x;
Chibi Rissa: ::Pours kerosene all over Bubble's head.. lights a match:: You're stuck now! >D!!
Bubbles7435645: ::runs upstairs and starts the water system to put out fire:
Chibi Rissa: ::Holds it over her hair:: >.>
Chibi Rissa: ::Chases after her and drops the match on her head::
Zirconeon: xD
Bubbles7435645: ::runs around liek crazy::
Chibi Rissa: I'm so eviiiiillll... >.>
Chibi Rissa: ::Waits for the explosion:: 1... 2...

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Chuu! [03 Sep 2001|03:51pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I talked to Jules about how she told me that she loved me. She thought things were going to change things between our friendship. She thought she ruined our friendship. Jules is a great friend, and I mean it. She's always been there for me. No, our friendship isn't ruined.

Once, I wrote her a letter and sent her a picture of myself. She said she put it on her wall.. I think I can send her something better.

Jules.. no matter what, you're always one of my best friends. ^_^

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No longer there.. [02 Sep 2001|08:19pm]
[ mood | heart broken ]

Subj: I feel this is best -_-.
Date: 9/2/01 5:04:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Hime Hino Rei
To: Chibi Rissa

I honestly think this is best, and I'm to nervous to write this in an IM window. I think its best I break up with you, so you can be with him. I really love you, and I want whats best for you, I want to protect you from everylittle thing but I can't magically solve this. I've been thiking about this for awhile and yesterday I decided that I have to do this so you can be happy again. I don't want to barren you like I would be if we don't break up. I really hope your happy with him.

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Conversation [02 Sep 2001|06:19pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Death Penaruti: Hey. :o
Chibi Rissa: Hi.
Death Penaruti: How are you?
Chibi Rissa: I'm so fucked up..
Death Penaruti: Why?
Chibi Rissa: I was kissing her.. and we were listening to music.. Incubus came on, I thought of you.. and starting crying, dammit.
Death Penaruti: .. I see.
Chibi Rissa: And then last night.. Jules said she thinks she loves me in a way that she thinks I don't love her.
Death Penaruti: I'm sorry to hear that.
Chibi Rissa: I can't believe I started to cry.. What the hell is wrong with me, Ryan..?
Death Penaruti: I don't know. Your mind and heart may be conflicting.
Chibi Rissa: I feel so messed up.
Death Penaruti: You shold just relax.
Chibi Rissa: I just feel like crying right now.
Death Penaruti: Dammit, I don't want you to cry at all. I want you to be happy.
Chibi Rissa: I can't be happy.
Death Penaruti: You should be.
Chibi Rissa: I should?
Death Penaruti: Yes. ._. You should be happy. You should be sad nor upset.
Chibi Rissa: I don't think I can handle this..
Death Penaruti: Just try to relax.
Chibi Rissa: I can't relax, Ryan.
Death Penaruti: You have to try.
Death Penaruti: You love her, don't you?
Chibi Rissa: Yeah.
Death Penaruti: Ok then, you shouldn't be worrying about anyone else.
Chibi Rissa: I love you, too.
Death Penaruti: I know, and I love you aswell. Just try not to let me get in the way of what you and her have.
Chibi Rissa: ...
Death Penaruti: You shouldn't let your love for me get in the way.
Death Penaruti: This probably isn't sounding half as good to you as it, in my head, and I'm sorry if I'm offending you.
Chibi Rissa: How can you tell me this..? When you know I can't just push my love for you aside.
Death Penaruti: Because I don't deserved to be loved.
Death Penaruti: And I don't want to ruin, what you and Trish have.
Chibi Rissa: Please don't give me this..
Death Penaruti: Give you what?
Chibi Rissa: "I don't deserve to be loved."
Death Penaruti: Well sometimes I don't.
Chibi Rissa: I don't care what you think.
Death Penaruti: Thank you.
Chibi Rissa: I just don't know what t do right now. I just know I can't keep up with this.
Death Penaruti: Then don't keep up with it.
Chibi Rissa: Well, what am I supposed to do?
Death Penaruti: I don't know, love only one person.
Chibi Rissa: Love only one person..
Death Penaruti: So, what you mean is you don't love someone who thinks you love them?
Chibi Rissa: I love two people.
Death Penaruti: Ok.
Death Penaruti: Sorry, I thought there was an "I" there.
Chibi Rissa: I see.
Death Penaruti: I really don't know what to tell you, and knowing you don't care about what I think, my advice won't help any.
Chibi Rissa: I do care about what you think.
Death Penaruti: Chibi Rissa: I don't care what you think.
Chibi Rissa: I meant.. I don't care about if you think you shouldnt be loved or not.
Chibi Rissa: I do care about whatever else you have to say, though.
Death Penaruti: I knew I took it out on context.
Death Penaruti: Well, maybe you should just focus your love on the person you're with.
Chibi Rissa: I suppose I should.
Death Penaruti: And keep the other for back up? o.o;
Chibi Rissa: Back up? That's not right.
Death Penaruti: Yeah it is. <.< You're just um .. Taking it out of context.
Chibi Rissa: Ryan. Please be serious.
Death Penaruti: You'd laugh if you heard my voice, I swear.
Death Penaruti: I'm trying to lift the mood.
Chibi Rissa: Probably not.. I don't think I can laugh right now.
Death Penaruti: It's what I do.
Death Penaruti: Yeah, you can. Especially with me telling the jokes.
Chibi Rissa: That's one of the reason why I love you... You can always make me laugh...
Death Penaruti: Well, that's a good thing .. Right?

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[02 Sep 2001|04:39pm]
I'm so fucked up.
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Trish and Mahou Tsukai Tai!... [01 Sep 2001|07:05pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Well, I went to Trish's house and spent the night. I enjoyed finally getting to see her. We watched Card Captor Sakura and I brang over my Mahou Tsukai Tai! ( Magic User's Club ) tapes. We watched them both. Trish liked Mahou Tsukai Tai and now she wants to buy the tapes! I told her if she gets the ones that I don't have, she'll have to let me watch them because Mahou Tsukai Tai is my absolute most favorite Anime ever! As you can see by the "Aikawa Akane" on the top of my journal. :P Hehe..

I gave Trish a Mei-ling collector's doll. It's kind of cute. It sort of made me upset that they made a doll of every single Card Captor character except for Tomoyo! She's my favorite. Why the hell did they not make one of her?! I mean.. she shows up more than Mei-ling even does!! I also have her a cute, tiny little Kero-chan plushie. I'm glad she loved it. ^_^

We're starting a Mahou Tsukai Tai community!

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My creations! [29 Aug 2001|07:54pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Here are my creations... Hehe! Enjoy! COMMENTS PLEASE.

This first one was drawn when I was very bored. I did it freehandedly on "Paint" for Windows 98. It's pretty good for "Paint" don't you think? Hehe.. I can draw MUCH better than this.. trust me!

Deformed Pluto

These next two were created with KiSS... It's me and Trish as Sailor Senshi!

Sailor Rissa

Sailor Trish

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I've felt this way before.. so INSECURE! [29 Aug 2001|07:35pm]
[ mood | I ain't happy. Im feelin glad! ]

Hey-lo again. It's Chuu! Tron! Rii! Rissa! Whichever you wanna call me is fine.. just don't call me bastard. :P

ANYWAYS.. I have some new friends in which I met at Evans High School. :B Here are the lists.. :D

Period 1: Julian, Renee, Amanda
Period 2: Kiota, Julian
Period 3: Julian, Norman, Ann, Steven
Period 4: No one. e.e All by myself!
Period 5: Norman, Roy, Blanca, Julian, Steven
Period 6: Percious, Judith, Amanda, Steven

Those are all my new friends and the classes I have with them. Dude.. I have the most fun in fifth period! It's my Algebra.. Our math teacher looks like Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210! His hair is all up and poofy. Roy, Norman, and I could not stop laughing! And then he goes "Yes.. I've seen it all! Been everywhere.. and DONE IT ALL!" Roy and I just burst out laughing! Everytime we walked past him, we started laughing like hell. xD

Norman and Roy like Anime, too! :D Oh yay! JOY! Someone to talk to about Anime! I also have other friends that only see in lunch. They're really cool and were born in Vietnam! Dude.. Vietnamese is so much different from Japanese! Anyways.. they're names are Qyunh and Kim.. We call Qyunh Sabrina though. :B

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FINALLY [29 Aug 2001|05:18pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I finally got an update in! Livejournal is pissing me off now! It's always got problems! I thought they moved everything to a new server, didn't they!?! e.e... Well.. people go join my RPG. It's got a stupid temporary name but I brain dead. I'll get a better one later. But, I can't put up the forum until I get more members. Please don't send your appilcation's to viinasu@sailormoon.com. Send them to chibirissa@aol.com. :D Love you!!

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